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Josephine Borghi

Vice-Chair, DWB UK

Josephine Borghi is Professor in Health Economics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and one of the founding Directors of DWB UK.  Josephine first became interested in global democracy in 2018 when she was reflecting on the difficulties of effectively managing transnational challenges such as climate change and mass population displacement.  Josephine was profoundly inspired by her reading of A World Parliament by Jo Leinen and Andreas Bummel, and promptly signed up to DWB.  Outside of her role in DWB, Josephine has also been seeking to apply a cosmopolitan approach to her work as a health economist and health systems researcher, taking a whole systems perspective to ‘the global health system’ and its goals with a view to improving the management of transnational health threats such as Covid-19, and enhancing global health equity.

We need a global health system to deal with pandemics
The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has brought into focus the need for a global health system. Infectious disease outbreaks are a global problem that nation states alone cannot tackle. To minimise
Josephine Borghi | 06.03.2020
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