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World’s largest school in India hosts conference on UN reform
For those who strive to make global politics more democratic and inclusive there are several academic works that serve as helpful resources. Authors such as Andreas Bummel, Oded Gilad, Dena
Hans Leander | 11.07.2023
Stockholm+50: Civil society wants effective governance of global commons
Ahead of the UN’s Stockholm+50 conference on the environment in June 2022, around 40 civil society organizations published a joint statement calling for a “critical paradigm shift” to ensure effective
Hans Leander | 22.03.2022
Afghanistan and the need of a legitimate world police
The terrifying scenes from Kabul Airport can be seen as a symbol of a dysfunctional world order. People clinging desperately underneath the wings of an airplane speeding along the runway.
Hans Leander | 10.09.2021
UN2020 campaign continues as Coalition for the UN We Need
Democracy Without Borders (DWB) has been involved in the UN2020 campaign since its inception in 2017. Now that the UN’s 75th anniversary is over and the year 2020 has ended,
Hans Leander | 02.03.2021
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