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Webinar Series: A UN World Citizens’ Initiative

28 Jul 2021
17h00-18h00 CEST → Find your local time

Democracy International

Bit by bit normal citizens everywhere have claimed their right to participate directly in politics, but so far there is no way for citizens and civil society organisations to influence politics on a global level. It has been known for years that the United Nations, the organization central to global governance, needs to become more inclusive of global citizens by democratising its structures. Last year, at the 75th anniversary of the UN, a window of opportunity opened to reform the UN and to make their decisions more democratically legitimate.

Join the webinar series to learn about:

  • A UN World Citizens’ Initiative (UNWCI) (28 July)
  • A UN Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) (11 August)
  • A UN Civil Society Envoy (UNCSE) (25 August)
  • Global Citizens’ Assemblies (8 September)

Through challenges you can easily do on your sofa and discussions with experts, the webinar series offer you a chance to imagine what is possible and how we, ordinary citizens of all ages, can influence global politics.

The events are open to everyone, whether or not you have experience with direct democratic issues! You can join all of the events or just the ones you are interested in. No prior knowledge is needed.

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