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Towards a World Summit on Inclusive Global Governance

25 Jun 2021
16:00-17:30 EDT (New York) → Find your local time

Stimson Center & others

On 21 September 2020 the UN adopted a high-level declaration with twelve commitments to action across the global agenda, including COVID-19 pandemic response, climate change mitigation, prevention of violent conflict, protecting biodiversity, upholding arms control and disarmament, promoting democracy and the rule of law, improving digital trust and security, and safeguarding human rights. The declaration calls on the UN Secretary-General to make recommendations on these topics.

Civil society organizations are promoting a 2023 World Summit on Inclusive Global Governance as a key milestone for substantial reforms. This summit would seek to upgrade and equip the global governance system to better address major issues confronting the international community, and to usher in a new compact with citizens to enhance and rebuild confidence in their multilateral institutions.

This 90-minute workshop event with leading experts and activists in the field seeks to bring together participants who wish to “roll-up their sleeves” and get actively engaged in the efforts for a 2023 World Summit as well as in the Coalition for the UN We Need and the “We the Peoples” campaign for inclusive global governance that promotes a UN World Citizens’ Initiative, a UN Parliamentary Assembly and a UN Civil Society Envoy. Interaction will be facilitated by three breakout groups.

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