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Join the call for a World Parliament!

16–25 Oct 2020


As part of the Global Week of Action for a World Parliament (Oct 16-25 2020), Democracy Without Borders kindly invites you to join our call for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.

Many global challenges are becoming more and more urgent. Climate change, pandemics, weapons of mass destruction… The list can be made much longer. Since these challenges have a global dimension they don’t just put national societies at a risk, they threaten human civilization as a whole.

Global challenges require global solutions. But our world lacks global decision-making institutions that can offer any real solutions. Through the creation of a #worldparliament global problems could be dealt with in a more democratic and efficient way. A first step on the road is to establish a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA). But to succeed with this we need your support.

Do you want to help? It’s very easy. Just follow the instructions below and take one, two, three or four steps for global democracy:

1. Read

Read the UNPA Campaign’s Appeal for the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly. You will find the Appeal here.

2. Sign

If you agree with the message, sign the appeal here

3. Invite

Invite your friends and encourage them to follow the same steps.

4. Photo

Take a selfie or let someone else take a photo of you holding a sign with the message “World Parliament Now!” Share the image on Facebook or other social media using the hashtag #worldparliament

Link to Facebook-event.

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