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Global Commemoration of the 33rd Anniversary of “June Fourth”

04 Jun 2022
8pm Hong-Kong/2pm Berlin/8am New York → Find your local time


Global Commemoration of the 33rd Anniversary of  “June Fourth”

We adhere to the June 4th spirit and promote constitutional democracy!
Hong Kong fell into darkness, we will light a candle!

Never forget June 4th! What happened in 1989 at the Tiananmen Square will always remain in our minds and hearts.

Hong Kong used to be a sea of lights at the June Fourth vigil. 180,000 turned out for a mass candlelight vigil in 2019 on the 30th anniversary. Now the authorities have been banning the vigil since two years ago. Over 150 activists are in jail, one of the accusations is that they organised this vigil. Prof. Perry Link together with 14 scholars have submitted the nomination of Hong Kong prisoners of conscience Chow Hang-tung, Gwyneth Ho, Jimmy Lai, Lee Cheuk-yan, and Joshua Wong for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize. We will not let down the people in Hong Kong, let’s light a candle not only for the dead souls from Tiananmen but also for the courageous people in Hong Kong.

People in China suffer under the zero Covid policy of Xi Jinping, we would encourage them with our commemoration action.

The Ukraine Russian war continues and there is still no light at end of the war tunnel. We stand with Ukraine and condemn the aggressor. We mourn for the innocent people killed in war and light a candle for them. Solidarity with Ukraine!

Solidarity with people in Taiwan, who suffered under the military threat of China.

Solidarity with people in Tibet and Southern Mongolian, who faced the destroy of their culture, language and religion.

Solidarity with Uyghur people in Xinjiang, more than one million people are detained in the notorious “re-education camps”.


  • Ms. Tienchi Martin-Liao (Sino Euro Voices; Vice-chair of the Writers for Peace Committee, PEN International, Cologne)
  • Mr. Li Hengqing (Tiananmen witness, Research Institute of Information and Strategy, Washington D.C.)

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Speakers’ queue

  1. Commemoration Worship: Priest Roland Kühne (Teacher of Rhein-Maas Berufskolleg, Kempen)
  2. Video: The World will never forget, 3 minutes
  3. Wei Jingsheng (Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition, Washington D.C.)
  4. Wang Dan (Tiananmen witness, student leader of the 1989 Democracy Movement, New York)
  5. Reinhard Bütikofer (German Politician, member of the European Parliament, member of the Alliance 90/The Greens)
  6. Shies Jhy-Wey (Taiwan’s Ambassador to Germany, Berlin)
  7. Kelsang Gyaltsen (Representative of Central Tibet Administration in Taipei)
  8. Hu Ping (political analyst in the democracy movement, New York)
  9.  Margarete Bause (former Federal Parliament Member of the Green Party, Berlin)
  10. Wang Juntao (Tiananmen witness, Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese Democracy Party, New York)
  11. Marie Holzmann (French Sinologist, Paris)
  12. Makino Seisu (Japanese politician, former Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry of Japan, President of Japan Supporting Tibet Federation, Tokyo)
  13. Roman Kühn (President of the Society for Threatened Peoples, Berlin)
  14. Yeau-tarn Lee (former professor of Taiwan National Chengchi University, Taipei)
  15. Chien-yuan Tseng (Chairman, Taiwan Chinese Democratic Academy Association, Taipei)
  16. Xi Haiming (Chairman of Inner Mongolia People’s Party, Cologne)
  17. Yongmei Cai (former editor-in-chief of “Open” magazine in Hong Kong)
  18. Huang Ciping (Secretary-General of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition, Washington D.C.)
  19. Jamyang Tsering (editor-in-chief of of Department of Information & International Relations, Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamsala)
  20. Chen Weijian (Editor-in-chief of Beijing Spring, Auckland)
  21. Liang Youcan (Federation for a Democratic China, Melbourne)
  22. Gao Jian (head of the Melbourne Democracy Alliance, Melbourne)
  23. Tsultrim Gyatso (Liaison Officer, Office of Tibet, Central Tibetan Administration, Washington D.C.)
  24. Andreas Bummel (Executive Director of Democracy Without Borders, Wiesbaden)
  25. Ilshat Hasan (World Uyghur Congress, Washington D.C.)
  26. Chen Liqun (Vice Chair of the National Committee of Chinese Democracy Party, New York)
  27. Anna Wang (Chairman of IPK Media, Washington D.C.)
  28. Wang Weiluo (water conservancy expert, Dortmund)
  29. Chang Ping (chief curator of the June 4th Memory – Human Rights Museum; journalist, Düsseldorf)
  30. Liu Weimin (Vice Chair for Chinese Democracy Party overseas, Paris)
  31. Huang Hua (advisor for Chinese Democracy Party in UK, London)
  32. Wang Guanru (Chair of Chinese Democracy Party in UK, London)
  33. Perry Link (Sinology Professor for University of California at Riverside, Ca. Riverside)
  34. Liu Gang (Vice secretary of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition, Copenhagen)
  35. Jiang Fuzhen (Tiananmen witness, Secretary-General of Chinese Democracy Party Overseas Committee, The Hague)
  36. Yan Li (Chairman of the US Headquarters of the Federation for a Democratic China, Los Angeles)
  37. Xiang Lin (Deputy Secretary-General of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition, Tokyo)
  38. Chen Guiqiu (Wife of 709-lawyer XieYang, United States)
  39. Pan Yongzhong (Editor-in-chief of Sino Euro Voices, Secretary-General of FDC, Erkelenz)
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