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21st Conference of Chief Justices of the World

06–09 Nov 2020


The theme for the 21st International Conference of the Chief Justices of the World, organized by the City Montessori School, Lucknow, India, is “Global Governance: A Post-COVID Imperative”, and it will seek to prepare a road map for the world’s leadership for establishing, reforming and further developing the global governance structures needed for guaranteeing a safe and secure future for the people of the world and the generations yet-to-be born.

The overarching objective of the 21st ICCJW is to impress upon the world community the urgent need of having enforceable world law, which lies at the heart of all efforts for ensuring effective global governance – world law that is legislated by a supranational global body and accepted by all nations and people of the world; an executive that has the mandate to enforce the laws thus made; and a world court whose decisions and judgements are accepted by all nations of the world.

The conference will include a session on “The Creation of a World Parliamentary Assembly for UN Accountability and Legitimacy”.

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