World’s largest school in India hosts conference on UN reform
For those who strive to make global politics more democratic and inclusive there are several academic works that serve as helpful resources. Authors such as Andreas Bummel, Oded Gilad, Dena
Hans Leander | 11.07.2023
Is the global tide turning in favor of democracy?
Despite some recent democratic gains, it is too early to declare that the global democratic recession is over. Overcoming the deep roots of democracy’s global woes will require sustained efforts.
Thomas Carothers | 14.06.2023
Citizens’ assemblies: not made to legislate
If things go to plan, 2023 could see Ireland’s constitution amended to include environmental rights for both people and nature itself. Not only would this be a victory for environmentalism,
Graham Wetherall-Grujić | 09.05.2023
Civil society in a world of crisis: overview of CIVICUS’ 2023 report
War crimes are being committed by Russia on an industrial scale in Ukraine, women’s rights are being trampled on in Afghanistan and LGBTQI+ people’s rights are under assault in Uganda,
Mandeep Tiwana | 08.05.2023
A new mandate on democracy at the UN Human Rights Council
In this article human rights advocate Gulnara Shahinian argues that the UN Human Rights Council should create the mandate of a Special Rapporteur on Democracy.
Gulnara Shahinian | 20.04.2023
A democratic China must be realized in our time: Xu Zhiyong
In this statement, Xu Zhiyong is calling for freedom, democracy and the rule of law in China. It was published a day before he was sentenced to 14 years in prison in a political trial.
Xu Zhiyong | 14.04.2023
The UN’s stakeholder approach is dangerous for democracy
The United Nations is embracing a “multi-stakeholder” approach that gives strong influence to profit-oriented corporations. This should raise alarm as the concept has serious democratic limitations.
Harris Gleckman | 13.04.2023
What is the future of global cooperation for democracy?
A policy brief by Forum 2000 assesses the state of play in global democratic cooperation following the second Summit for Democracy In March 2023
Jakub Klepal | 24.03.2023
Democracy and civic space: people power under attack
The findings of CIVICUS’ 2022 People Power Under Attack report are explained in this article. The assesments are based on CIVICUS Monitor, a research collaboration of over 20 groups across the globe.
Mandeep Tiwana | 17.03.2023
Deliberative listening and complementary democracy
This opinion piece explores listening, discussion and deliberation as core concepts of democracy.
Matt Qvortrup and Daniela Vancic | 16.03.2023
Debunking six myths about democracy and democracy support
This article deals with six myths that have formed around democracy and democracy support which threaten to benefit democracy’s adversaries, and corrode the confidence and resilience of democracy’s defenders.
Derek Mitchell | 08.11.2022
Climate conference COP27: the sham in Sharm El Sheikh
The UN climate conference taking place in Egypt this week is an exercise in organized hypocrisy. One of the most striking images from the popular Science Fiction TV series The
Austin G. Mackell | 07.11.2022
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