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DWB and Andreas Bummel 29.06.2018
World’s largest school in India hosts conference on UN reform
For those who strive to make global politics more democratic and inclusive there are several academic works that serve as helpful resources. Authors such as Andreas Bummel, Oded Gilad, Dena
Hans Leander | 11.07.2023
Survey: People ahead of elite, support parliamentary body at the UN
An international survey carried out in twelve countries across the world’s regions suggests that “the people are ahead of elites when it comes to fundamental issues of global governance and
Andreas Bummel | 22.06.2023
UN must acknowledge need of “major overhaul”, civil society document says
The Coalition for the UN We Need has released the outcomes of the Global Futures Forum. The Interim Peopleʼs Pact for the Future presents thirty-three recommendations and next steps.
DWB | 26.05.2023
G20 countries should pursue democratic improvement of UN: policy brief
A policy brief by the T20 engagement group recommends that the G20 and like-minded G20 members initiate intergovernmental negotiations on a UN Parliamentary Assembly and a UN World Citizens’ Initiative.
DWB | 15.05.2023
Study: International institutions insufficient to deal with global issues
A study of the Swedish SNS Democracy Council concludes that commonly multilateral institutions face deficits that reduce their ability to deliver, making them insufficient to tackle global challenges
DWB | 05.05.2023
UN panel silent on citizen participation and representation
A report presented by the UN’s High-Level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism, or HLAB, does not consider how to improve citizen participation and representation
DWB | 27.04.2023
Civil society forum considers proposals for global change
More than one hundred civil society representatives and experts met in New York and online last week at the Global Futures Forum to consider what policies and changes are needed
DWB | 29.03.2023
Experts call for a World Parliament of Rivers
This article deals with the proposal of a World Parliament of Rivers that would embody the legal personality of rivers and look after the protection of river ecosystems.
Colm Lehane | 01.03.2023
Civil society to gather in New York for Global Futures Forum
Civil society representatives will meet in New York in March 2023 to discuss joint recommendations for tackling global challenges and reforming global governance
DWB | 16.02.2023
Youth activists discuss world parliament and global issues
The Young World Federalists (YWF) organized several events around the world to celebrate the 2022 Week for World Parliament which was held in October. These events brought young people together
Eston McKeague | 15.12.2022
Need of global governance reforms stressed at events in Europe and India
Reforming the United Nations and global governance was a subject at events in Brussels, Berlin, Madrid and Rennes in Europe as well as in Lucknow, India, in the past weeks.
DWB | 13.12.2022
Global Democracy: The Key to Global Justice
According to the UN’s chief, the world is in a state of emergency due to numerous intertwined crises and a failure of global governance. A new book titled Global Democracy: The
Oded Gilad and Dena Freeman | 17.11.2022
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