Youth activists discuss world parliament and global issues
The Young World Federalists (YWF) organized several events around the world to celebrate the 2022 Week for World Parliament which was held in October. These events brought young people together
Eston McKeague | 15.12.2022
Book review: Breaking Boundaries. The Science of our Planet
“So, perhaps now is the time to reopen discussions about adopting more democratic principles at the global level – everyone might one day vote in a world parliament.” Those words
Keith McNeill | 05.09.2022
New 2022 report: Global civil society amid disruption and conflict
This overview highlights the fuel and food crisis, attacks on democracy and democratic successes, struggles for justice and equality, action on climate justice and the need of the UN to transform
Mandeep Tiwana | 01.07.2022
On the battlefields of Ukraine, Idealism is laying waste to Realism
Austin Mackell argues in this article that foreign policy, like all politics, must be a values-first affair.
Austin G. Mackell | 27.04.2022
Space governance: Who speaks for Earth?
As space science matures and accelerates, the time has come for a democratically accountable UN to moderate human activity beyond Earth argues Ian Crawford.
Ian Crawford | 12.04.2022
Poll: World War considered likely, democracy supported in most countries
A survey across 55 democratic countries carried out on behalf of the French think tank Fondation pour l’innovation politique in collaboration with six other groups in 2021, published last month,
Andreas Bummel and Nimish Mehta | 11.02.2022
Failure of global governance puts humanity into emergency mode: UN chief
In an address to the 193-member General Assembly, UN chief António Guterres on Friday urged the world to “go into emergency mode” to tackle “a 5-alarm global fire” of the
DWB | 22.01.2022
Civil society marginalized at COP26 climate negotiations in Glasgow
The United Nations’ COP26 climate conference in Glasgow that is ending today has drawn sharp criticism from civil society groups and climate activists who felt that they were marginalized and
DWB | 12.11.2021
Survey: 64% in G20 countries want a stronger UN to protect the climate
A survey published in August and conducted on behalf of the Global Commons Alliance in G20 nations reveals that on average 64% of the general public believe that international organisations
Harry Gray | 07.09.2021
Study: Majorities support global democracy, political parties can benefit
For my doctoral studies at the University of Oxford, I spent the past few years exploring international public opinion on global democracy. My results may be surprising, and – for
Farsan Ghassim | 02.09.2021
Book review: Can Globalization Succeed? A primer for the 21st century
In her latest book, Dena Freeman, a senior visiting fellow at London Schools of Economics’ Department of Anthropology and an advisor of Democracy Without Borders, poses a simple question: can
Tatjana Söding | 25.02.2021
World federalism in pope Francis’ latest encyclical “Fratelli tutti”
Since the early modern period, the official papal position on matters of primary importance are laid down in the authoritative form of encyclical letters. The latest one, “Fratelli tutti” –
Matteo Gorgoni | 11.12.2020
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