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Global assessment shows increasing election quality in many countries
According to the Electoral Integrity Project the quality of elections has held steady around the world and increased in many countries.  There have been widespread concerns about democratic backsliding around
DWB | 03.07.2023
Survey: People ahead of elite, support parliamentary body at the UN
An international survey carried out in twelve countries across the world’s regions suggests that “the people are ahead of elites when it comes to fundamental issues of global governance and
Andreas Bummel | 22.06.2023
Is the global tide turning in favor of democracy?
Despite some recent democratic gains, it is too early to declare that the global democratic recession is over. Overcoming the deep roots of democracy’s global woes will require sustained efforts.
Thomas Carothers | 14.06.2023
Global poll: 84% believe it is important to have democracy
On the occasion of this year’s Copenhagen Democracy Summit, the sixth Democracy Perception Index was published by Latana in collaboration with the Alliance of Democracies Foundation. The 2023 annual study
R. S. Deese | 01.06.2023
UN must acknowledge need of “major overhaul”, civil society document says
The Coalition for the UN We Need has released the outcomes of the Global Futures Forum. The Interim Peopleʼs Pact for the Future presents thirty-three recommendations and next steps.
DWB | 26.05.2023
G20 countries should pursue democratic improvement of UN: policy brief
A policy brief by the T20 engagement group recommends that the G20 and like-minded G20 members initiate intergovernmental negotiations on a UN Parliamentary Assembly and a UN World Citizens’ Initiative.
DWB | 15.05.2023
Citizens’ assemblies: not made to legislate
If things go to plan, 2023 could see Ireland’s constitution amended to include environmental rights for both people and nature itself. Not only would this be a victory for environmentalism,
Graham Wetherall-Grujić | 09.05.2023
Civil society in a world of crisis: overview of CIVICUS’ 2023 report
War crimes are being committed by Russia on an industrial scale in Ukraine, women’s rights are being trampled on in Afghanistan and LGBTQI+ people’s rights are under assault in Uganda,
Mandeep Tiwana | 08.05.2023
Study: International institutions insufficient to deal with global issues
A study of the Swedish SNS Democracy Council concludes that commonly multilateral institutions face deficits that reduce their ability to deliver, making them insufficient to tackle global challenges
DWB | 05.05.2023
UN panel silent on citizen participation and representation
A report presented by the UN’s High-Level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism, or HLAB, does not consider how to improve citizen participation and representation
DWB | 27.04.2023
A new mandate on democracy at the UN Human Rights Council
In this article human rights advocate Gulnara Shahinian argues that the UN Human Rights Council should create the mandate of a Special Rapporteur on Democracy.
Gulnara Shahinian | 20.04.2023
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