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Swedish association of Democracy Without Borders established in Stockholm

View from Stockholm City Hall, Stockholm, Sweden. Photo by Jonatan Svensson Glad, CC BY-SA 4.0

At a meeting on February 3, 2018, a Swedish association of Democracy Without Borders was established in Stockholm. According to the statutes adopted in the capital’s old town, the overall purpose of the new association is to advocate “a cosmopolitan orientation of society”, to improve the “understanding and affinity among people, nations and continents” and to help “establish global democracy and global rule of law.”

Focus on the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly

To support the primary international campaign of Democracy Without Borders, the new Swedish branch decided to focus its efforts on the promotion of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, in short UNPA, in Sweden.

To date, the creation of a UNPA is supported by around fifty Swedish elected representatives from across the political spectrum, and more than thirty former members of parliament (worldwide, the total number is over 1,500). The current Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for International Development Cooperation, Isabella Lövin, endorsed the campaign in 2012. Three years ago, the United Nations Association of Sweden expressed its support. So far, however, the Swedish government remained silent on the subject.

Since 2014 the work to promote global democracy in Sweden has been organized through a loose network. Although the work has had a considerable impact, we have perceived a need to develop a more efficient structure that enables us to sustain our efforts in the long run.

Carl Dahlbäck, Hans Leander, Folke Tersman, Carin Ölmunger and Petter Ölmunger

The idea and approach of Democracy Without Borders, that first emerged in Germany last year, was an opportunity for us in Sweden to reorganize and become part of this new international effort. We share the view that the right to democracy transcends national boundaries as the mission statement of Democracy Without Borders declares. If we want democracy to flourish in this planetary age, world citizens need to have a voice in shaping global policy. This cannot be left to governments, corporations or other opaque global actors.

The meeting in Stockholm elected Petter Ölmunger as founding chairperson. Petter has been playing a key role in the network and is the national coordinator of the UNPA campaign. In addition, the meeting elected Carl Dahlbäck, Carin Ölmunger, Folke Tersman, Evin Incir, and Hans Leander as board members. Next year we plan to organize a first congress.

Our spirit is hopeful and optimistic. Many have already expressed an interest in joining our new group. Should you like to join DWB-Sweden as well, please be in touch and write to!

Top image: View of Stockholm by Jonatan Svensson Glad, CC BY-SA 4.0

Hans Leander
Hans is a board member of Democracy Without Borders-Sweden
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